World of Warships

Play online game World of Warships for free. Easy registration. Game review: World of Warships

World of Tanks can be called a truly unique product. Its developers did not rest on their laurels and went further. Another of their creation was the game World of Warships, which also brings participants to the era of World War I and II.

About the plot

All actions take place on the sea and ocean spaces, nearby islands, and continents’ shores. In a review of the online game World of Warships, it should be noted that the main events unfolded on the technology of the 20th century. Participants in the battles can even buy the cruiser “Aurora” and, under the nostalgic melody, build their own story.

Game Features

The logic of control in World of Warships is elementary. Using a map, you can navigate the course with your mouse. Numbers on the keyboard are used to select weapons and skills. Examination and pointing of the weapon are carried out with the mouse, which ideally should be a gaming mouse, i.e., with a large number of different support buttons. It is possible to scale the camera and view events through a bird’s eyes or from a satellite.

Main features

After the registration process in World of Warships, the user gets to the dock. There will be nothing unnecessary and annoying on the screen. Visualization is familiar and understandable in principle. The only exception is the display of the ship’s characteristics, which you quickly get used to.

Technical equipment

To play World of Warships online should be very simple and exciting. All units have common characteristics and qualities. The user is offered a horizontal graph with the display of key parameters. In particular, we are talking about the following points:

  • Disguise
  • Vitalities
  • Air Defence
  • Maneuverability
  • Artillery

At first glance, everything is elementary.

Types of ships

Not every review of World of Warships game will tell you about the nuances of tactics and behavior of sea battle. All actions in this “toy” seem realistic. Only Japanese and American battleships are involved in the activity by the time of this post:

  • A destroyer with weak hull protection and torpedoes
  • A cruiser that stands out for its versatility, high speed, maneuverability, and good armor on board
  • An aircraft carrier with a special type of control, an exclusive platform on which to build aircraft, but with high clumsiness and significant vulnerability, especially from small torpedo ships
  • A battleship with virtually all types of weapons and impressive armor

Once registered with the World of Warships, you can start building a fleet.

Game modes and combat tactics

The choice of modes is quite solid. The games are available to play with AI, other people, and group/command battles. Speaking about the missions, it is possible to hold one or more points or to destroy all enemies. The selected class of ships determines tactics. If you are planning to play in World of Warships online, you will need to take a few “steps ahead” – to think about which way to turn the clumsy guns on the battleship, to direct the board, and to determine the moment of the most advantageous location for the ship.

Excellent results on the disorientation of the enemy give constant maneuvering of the destroyer or cruiser. Also, each combat unit has its weapons and range of fire, which should also be taken into account. Before you begin repairing, you should consider the possibility of launching a torpedo on a ship or landing a “landing party.” There is no need to rush into it.

Nuances and graphics

Many Worlds of Warships reviews mention the incomprehensible appearance and disappearance of ships. The disappearing battleships are particularly bewildering. Graphics do not stand out much, and you won’t be able to look at the ship’s crew. Also, visualization of water is something average, but optimization of the game is made at a decent level. Small “slump” frequencies and frames are possible only in fierce battles, and it is infrequent.

Of course, the main advantage of World of Warships is the possibility of pumping in the direction of:

  • The ship’s module
  • The level of the player
  • Controlling the battleship with the captain
  • Economy
Pros / Cons
  • The bright dynamics of battles
  • Easy control
  • Plenty of opportunities to hide from the enemy
  • Long-time loading of textures
  • Suddenly appearing and disappearing ships
  • Few non-standard maps and game modes


On the whole, the experience of the game is positive and above average. Quick battles that can occur on different maps, off islands, and in the open ocean are good. Not bad graphics; besides, there is the ability to make many tactical decisions. Another advantage of World of Warships game is that u can pump your own battleship.