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World of Tanks – this is the game, which in a short period of time was able to win a fairly impressive audience and find the sympathy of true fans of virtual battles. Despite the fact that it appeared in 2010, the popularity of “tanks” is incredibly high to this day.
About the plot.
Any brief overview of the game World of Tanks will certainly mention that all actions are unfolding during the Second World War, when it was clearly possible to observe the arms race between fascist Germany and the Soviet Union. The project developed in stages, but very quickly. In the beginning there was one map, 5 models of equipment, then new regimes, nations and armaments appeared. The introduction of “clan wars”, in which it is necessary to keep “territory” and earn gold, can be considered a success.

Gambling, greed, desire to win at any cost to the opponent became the main reason why players spent a huge amount of time for the World of Tanks. Many tried to learn all the card positions, learn the secret moves and other secrets. It came to the point that the participants had to remember all the vulnerable points of combat units and the characteristics of their armor.
The specifics of the game
Playing World of Tanks is very easy, the management will please its minimalism. Master the “shooter” can anyone who knows how to use the keyboard and mouse. The main actions are performed using the keys WASD. Review and shooting are done with the mouse. Using the numeric keypad you can call up auxiliary modules and select the type of ammunition.
Technical equipment
The abundance of opportunities in World of Tanks is amazing. Fierce battles can be fought using:

Lightweight tank – “firefly”, performing a reconnaissance and distracting role;
The medium tank is a very combat-ready and powerful unit;
Heavy tank – has a chic armor, excellent survivability;
PT-SAU, the analogue of a heavier tank with more powerful weapons, but without a turning turret;
SAU – suitable for artillery support of a self-propelled unit, equipped with a crow’s eye sight and the ability to fire a canopy across the entire battlefield.

Once registration with the World of Tanks has been completed, all these “chips” can be tried out.
Types of Nations
The game offers a good choice of production techniques from Germany, France, USA, UK, Czechoslovakia, Japan, China and the USSR. Only experienced “tankers” will be able to recognize where their own and foreign, because most of the weapons are of the same type. Some copies resemble a certain “lunar rover” and make the brain tense.
About the interface…
Dealing with the specifics of “work” in the hangar is not easy. Problems may arise with calling the context menu, searching for the commands “delete”, “complain”, “destroy”, etc. There is a lack of a filter for selecting equipment, but there is its analogue for “key” tanks. Graphics of the hangar at a height – you can read the news and listen to military tunes through the gramophone.

Playing World of Tanks in combat mode is quite comfortable. Control of the sight does not cause any questions, there is a reload timer. The presence of a mini map allows you to see the location of the enemy in detail and quite quickly. All basic settings can be easily adapted to suit yourself.
Visualization .
The moment of destruction of objects raises a lot of questions because of its not realistic. There are also problems with the scaling of tanks, which are often difficult to see even in the grass. The start of movement is too fast, the stop is too fast and this is taking into account that the weight of the tank is about 30 tons. However, the positive feelings remain after the evaluation of the game client, as updates are performed almost immediately.
The mechanics of the game
Making an overview of the game World of Tanks need to note the excellent “quality” of the sight. The main thing in battles – to choose the right weapon. It should be noted that the shooting at moving objects requires anticipation. The used technique is inherent in the concept of “damage”. Reaching its minimum, it will need to be sent to the hangar or complete destruction will occur.

Separately, it is necessary to stop at the famous “sunrise”. The more “pumped” the technique, the more chances of its sudden “appearance” on the battlefield. Thickets are specially enlightened so that the large technique could be more comfortable to fire from shelters. “Rockets” and the crew in terms of general skills, secrecy of fighting.
Advantages and disadvantages
After registering World of Tanks, it is good to learn about the positive aspects of the game:

Quickness and ease of control;
The ability to conduct interesting team and clan battles;
Quick game search;
Excellent picture;
Minimum requirements for the “iron”.

Of the nuances can be noted:

Serious embezzlement at more distant levels and leveling all the advantages of gold;
There are issues with the damage system;
Difficult to play on “pass levels”;
Not always an “adequate” display of passing technique.

In general, everything is quite tolerable and acceptable, as for the game of this level.
Conclusions .
Slight flaws, nuances and problems with graphics have not affected the popularity of World of Tanks. Fast, relaxing and interesting battles still attract the attention of a huge number of true fans of “tanks”.

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