Play online game Wizard101 for free. Easy registration. Game review: Wizard 101

This is a massive multiplayer online RPG genre game from studio KingsIsle Entertainment. In the universe of Wizard101 players take on the role of a student at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts to protect the Spiral – a fabulous galaxy in which all the events of the game, from numerous threats. The player’s main weapon is a spell, and the battle with the enemies takes place in stages: after applying a series of magical actions, the turn sequence is passed to the enemy.
Game Universe
The Spiral Galaxy is divided into many worlds with many smaller places. Players can access them temporarily, as part of a group, or permanently for the in-game premium currency “krone”. The future wizard who launches the game for the first time is required to choose the school of magic which he will represent in the future:
– fire – for those who like to go ahead and set fire to everything around them;
– ice – causing precise and controlled damage;
– myths – the creation of illusions and dreams;
– life – the power to heal wounds;
– death – the ability to take away the power of enemies;
balance – universality, the skills that take from each force little by little.
The school determines which spells will be used and how players will unite to pass quests. As experience points are gained, a player can learn the skills of other schools as well.
The main game mechanics are duels. Two groups of wizards – a team can be one to four players – or a group of wizards against computer-controlled characters take turns casting spells using the “grain”. Each participant receives one “grain” per round, and there is a chance that they will receive a “powerful grain” that allows them to read two spells instead of one.
As the story progresses, more and more worlds become available. The entire universe includes 300 locations. The main place for all players is Wizard City. This is where you can find the necessary teachers to improve your magic skills.
With each level is given a new icon, and the basic characteristics of the wizard, health, mana and energy are automatically increased. Most of the things that the characters use, also have a level and can not be used by those who have not reached it.
Some side activities in the game, such as training pets, fishing and gardening require energy. At the same time, Kraft does not require this, although various resources are called ‘reagents’. Doubles between players take place in specially designated areas and are not obligatory. Rather, it is one of the activities that allows to diversify the gameplay. Players come out of battles by squandering all the manna they need to cast spells. It can be replenished by playing mini-games that look like tetris or spots.

Digital distribution system
Distributed game on a complex model. You can play it for free, but on a limited number of locations. In order to get to the rest of the content requires a subscription “membership”, or a one-time purchase of any part of the locations, which allows you to access them forever.
In general, subscription allows serious progress in the game: unlock all worlds, open the player the rest of the PVP ranks and competition ranks for Pets, allows you to fight for gold in tournaments, increases storage for game stuff and gives many other more minor benefits for the duration of the action.
System requirements and not only
The project is very popular and most of its inhabitants are children of primary school age. The world is worked out in detail, as it is typical of all modern games, and graphics is bright and cartoon-like, very similar to the outer World of Warcraft. Simplicity, lack of tricks, emphasis on the plot and emotional background, which is always more important to the young audience allowed developers to reduce system requirements. The game works even on machines that are not equipped with discrete video adapter. The number of registered users is 50 million.
The functionality also has parental controls, which allows you to configure the content available to your child using the main account on a special page of the official website. Settings immediately after approval become crucial for all linked accounts in the family group.