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It is best to play Warframe online with your friends or just like you rivals. Team action, taking care of a partner, the ability to anticipate the situation a few steps forward – that’s what attracts attention in this game. The well-known principle “one for all, and all for one” is the main one here.
About the story.
The focus is on space ninjas. They’re not only great at cold guns, they’re also great at firearms. In armor, warriors are virtually invincible. The fate is that they have to move in space and fight against all kinds of wickedness, serious armies of terrible mutants. The player will have to rid the universe of a terrible attack.
Convenience of control.
Initially, registration in Warframe will be required, after which it will really move on to the developments. The character will have to slide on his knees, move in space, make great jumps. For all actions you, as a spectator, watching from the third person. It’s easy to control the movements of the hero. That includes his movements and shooting. The special features are separately placed on the numeric keypad. The main maneuvers are performed with the left hand. There’s a gamepad connection feature. You need to get used to the menu, to navigate which will have to resort to very often.
Game Features
Few reviews of Warframe game report about the possibility of choosing three shells. Their difference is both in appearance and in functionality. The characters look amorphous and strange, especially with glowing eyes and protruding horns. The choice is mainly based on the mind, balance and strength of the hero. To deal with the abilities from the first seconds, most likely, will not work. It is impossible to change the character quickly. There are plenty of Barframes.

Due to the presence of a well-thought-out combat system, play Warframe online is very interesting. The fighter is able to control three types of weapons, including basic, auxiliary and abilities of their ammunition. The first mission is better to pass with a rifle, knives or a pistol. With experience and money gained, it is possible to create new projects of perfect weapons.

The abilities of the characters are different. Some allow you to “grab” several opponents, take them in a pile, others “collect” flying bullets or show “combo” blow. Special effects from explosions, cod and fire are fantastic. Enemy damage band allows you to mark your opponent’s weaknesses and hit an Achilles point. After registering in Warframe, you have to fight:

Contaminated – Enemies that appeared as a result of an unsuccessful experiment, capable of fogging, causing explosions and having an unpleasant appearance;
Grineer – invaders who attack with clone armies;
Corpus, a corporation that controls commerce, with robots doing the bulk of their work – assistants with incredible power and protection, but vulnerable to electric shock.

Many reviews of Warframe game focus on improving and pumping the hero. Characteristics of the character increases with the passage of levels. A number of skills of a certain Warframe can be replaced or improved. Some actions are performed through modifiers that visually represent cards, such as those used in the games and get a signature. The higher the level, the more empty empty cells there are.

For many people to play Warframe online means to improve the costume and get new weapons. The length of use of uniforms has a positive impact on the increase in the number of cells on which you can set the improvements. It is about improving the damage, speed, reload speed, volume and a number of other parameters. Several game modes are available, including Cephalon Capture, Team Extermination and Extermination.
Visualization and Sound
Animation, sound, realistic movement of the heroes look very dignified and beautiful. The effect of “pixel” is almost completely absent, even with a large number of characters and many motions.
Advantages and disadvantages
You can understand all the features of the game only after registering in Warframe. The product is characterized by good optimization, chic F2P cooperative, flexible settings, a wide range of characters, abundance of weapons, modern interface, proper interaction with other players and cross-platform. Minuses are manifested in the small variety of PvP content, incomprehensible sense of campaigning, consistency of some locations.
Conclusions .
Each new Warframe overview characterizes the game differently. In some cases, it has excellent graphics, in others – the ability to acquire basic skills and abilities on a free basis. The feature of the game is the availability of several modes and levels.

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