War Thunder

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War Thunder
You won’t find a boy in our country who hasn’t seen movies about the Great Patriotic War. Even the modern generation, far from those bloody events, knows what the triumph over fascism is – Victory.
The careful reconstruction of military equipment of the 20th century, the reconstruction of real battlefields is a War Thunder project of the Russian studio Gaijin Entertainment. Apart from the historical authenticity, the developers were also amazed by the scale. Players have access to land and air equipment, and since 2017 in beta test ships, fleet. Military machinery is fully consistent with the original samples of those years, and its varieties as incredible amount as in real life.
The War Thunder is constantly evolving. The starting point is 1930, when the player starts with old mechanisms. Then pumping them, he gets quite combat-ready samples of the mid eighties. There are additional means of destruction, rockets, large caliber smoothbore guns. As the military capabilities of iron horses grow, so do the principles of combat.
You can freeze the sky on aircraft of all types: bombers, attack aircraft, fighters. The ground fleet is no less diverse: it is not only tanks, but also BMPs, armored personnel carriers, self-propelled aircraft.
The player can choose who he will be today, he has two tabs: land vehicles and planes.
Conducting airlines has its own features. Bombers deal crushing damage to the enemy and often provide the team with victory by marking key enemy objects. But equally important is the role of Stormtroopers, which allow you to destroy enemy fortifications and columns, preparing an attack to ground forces or disrupt the enemy offensive. Very spectacular battles of fighters, defending their own troops or accompanying other aircraft.
All actions in the air are highly dynamic, require increased attention and quick decision making. The more coherent the work of the combat group, the higher its chances in any activity.
Tank battles run smoother. Preparing for battle, tactics can bring success where fast and powerful attacks fail. But here, too, on the ground, there is enough sharpness and speed. Sometimes the control over important objects passes from one opposing side to another within a few minutes, several times. Precision, calculation, knowledge of vulnerable points on the enemy’s armor help win even with not the best equipment and technical facilities. Even a high numerical superiority does not always mean automatic winnings.

Where’s HR
What’s most pleasing is that there are no tired streaks of life that scream outright that you’re in a computer game. It has its own way to convey the degree of performance, controlled by the player machine – a system of point damage. The details of this mechanics are simply amazing. It’s an emotionally intuitive assessment on indirect signs. Noise in the engine room, vibrations, system failure, control failure – all depends on the place of penetration and the degree of damage.
For example, the damaged engine dies down, screws stop spinning, but there is still an opportunity to recover and repay the rivals, taking with them the closest enemies, and then planning to try to land the plane. The tank that is hit uncritically lights up or smokes, drives off for cover and repairs while the allied machines conduct a systematic offensive. In case of “wounds” there is a very useful function. At the moment of hitting, a small window appears on the top right, which shows where the “gift” is and which systems are in distress.
What do we have in the hangar and garage…
That the gameplay did not slow down at the hit player, the technical means which came into disrepair developers have provided the opportunity to switch to another backup machine. The more collected technology at the time of the battle, the more options do not leave it early. The player switches to another working unit from his own collection and continues to destroy the enemy.
In addition to the technique itself, which has a certain number of development points depending on its equipment and readiness, there is a crew, which also gain experience, more accurately and flawlessly execute commands. Points that mark the training of pilots from two to five. A separate line prescribes suitability, according to the terminology of the game “qualification”, which indicates what kind of equipment can be controlled by one or another representative of the crew.
Development points allow to upgrade in all directions, improve the technique, develop the crew, and earned quite simply. For each successful action we receive medals and insignia, and in addition, a variety of pumping amplifiers drop cheerfully and randomly.
In the most interesting place.
It is difficult to tell all the advantages of this giant project in a short overview. Without exaggeration, War Thunder is one of the best games about war and cars. Recommended to all fans of history and military equipment, fans of shooters, flight and car simulations. War Thunder is completely free, has a giant online, the volume of content, reliability and quality of the teasers amaze. Thanks to excellent optimization system requirements are modest: the game works on most computers that have a discrete video adapter with support for DirectX 10.1.

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