Vikings: War of Clans

Play online game Vikings: War of Clans for free. Easy registration. Game review: Vikings

The international company that develops mobile and browser games Plarium has created quite a few interesting and exciting strategies. We can definitely say that the guys know a lot about it and are constantly making progress. As another confirmation of all this we can mention the cross-platform and already quite famous game Vikings: War of Clans. We will try to tell you in detail about all the features of this strategy and the specifics of registration with Vikings.
Game overview Vikings: War of Clans
The toy will allow you to make a “jump” in time, move to the Middle Ages, far north, to the Vikings. A review of Vikings: War of Clans shows that here you need to tune up for full-scale battles and political games. Of course, the most interesting point in the game is to conquer the enemy, capture enemy cities and build your own empire of good.

Plot .
It is known that it was in the north that the mighty, brave and stern warriors, of which the Vikings are representative, lived. In their strength, skill and thinking, they outnumber their southern brethren in many ways. They do not need friends and partners. The game involves the creation of numerous clans and alliances. Tribal chiefs – Yarls are in constant search of supreme rulers – the Kongs, who need their kings.

Key actions take place after the unification of troops, when fierce battles begin with the right of domination over the northern lands. The main goal of each character is to gain sufficient power and strength. Each of them will be faithful to their “master” until a certain time. However, the situation, sooner or later, gets out of control. This is what makes it impossible to eventually at least hope for a speedy conclusion of the war.

Playing Vikings online is very easy. User Vikings: War of Clans is given the role of the Scandinavian savior, ready to come to the rescue and protect the needy resident of the village, where, in fact, all actions take place. Since the situation is such that the locals have no elders left, the role will have to be taken over. From now on, you, as a player, become the main hope of your “voters” for a brighter future.

The Viking interface is familiar. We can safely say that playing Vikings Online is interesting and understandable. The main keys are grouped by their functionality. Separately there is a block of “buildings”, “construction”, etc. Play quite real using only the mouse. Game zone, if necessary, can be easily scaled to the most convenient format. Based on the situation and your own preferences, it is possible to choose several modes of picture presentation. In general, nothing unnecessary, incomprehensible in principle.

Gameplay .
The game starts with a brief introduction process. Registration in Vinigi is elementary in nature. In the simple understanding of all the nuances is a special credit to the developers of this strategy, because in the process of training the player is provided with almost all the necessary information. From the very beginning, you clearly, as if a child, will show how to do the necessary actions. Very informative are the highlights through the backlight and arrows of the relevant objects and keys, why play Vikings online can without problems. Practice has shown that this technique works and all the features with the control “reach” very quickly.

Construction of settlements and development
This is the longest, most exciting and intellectually interesting moment in the game. In the review of Vikings: War of Clans game it was already said that first of all it is a strategy. The right actions, competent calculation, the desire to be the best will allow you to take non-standard and sometimes risky decisions.

Construction of .
The basis for the upcoming victories is competent construction and placement of buildings. The user is invited to decide for himself how many objects will be occupied by the extraction of resources, training of soldiers, training of personnel, defense, education of the population or spiritual business. The main task is to find the “golden” middle and optimal composition of buildings.

The choice of object types is, in fact, small in nature. The player will have to decide what to strengthen and improve initially. The construction itself is quite fast. You, as a beginner, is given a certain protected interval of time during which it is necessary to maximize the defense and increase production process. Once the army is ready and organized, and the surrounding area is sufficiently protected, you can think about attacking the enemy.

Science and war machine.

The Vikings have a so-called research tree, which allows you to consciously approach the training of the settlement and thus “pump” the main character. Improvements are available in one of the knowledge sections, including espionage, military disciplines, economics and tactics.

Separately, the game focuses on military combat power. Fierce battles can be conducted by artillery, riflemen, infantry, scouts, rifle units and even sorcerers. Interestingly, each link in its own way has both strong and weak points, which must be taken into account in the game.

When planning an offensive, you will have to take into account the characteristics of their own fighters, as well as the capabilities of the enemy. Each warrior has its own movement speed, labor costs for maintenance, load capacity. All these parameters affect the defensive capability or expediency of tactical attacks.

Hero pumping

Play Vikings online – means, first of all, to enhance the reputation and strength of the protagonist. It will constantly have to improve and improve. Making the right bet on a particular indicator, really will get good bonuses. Fans of aggressive actions, of course, the emphasis should be on “damage”, and those who prefer defense – on “protection. Those who are more attracted by extraction or trade should pay attention to the economic components of the hero.

Not every review of the game Vikings: War of Clans mentions about sets. Selected areas of pumping during the battle are corrected by artificial intelligence. This is advantageous for beginners, but definitely not suitable for experienced players, as with each new level of attention to detail. In addition, you can improve the equipment or usefulness of the hero.

World Wars

Global battles are the main feature, the strategy, why it is worth registering in the Vikings. You can take part in clan battles, group storms, kingdom battles. The latter option is the most interesting, because it is fighting for large territories with the involvement of many clans.

There are almost all types of combat systems, including position attack, tactical attack, defense against the enemy, counterattacks, etc. The more bonuses you can get in the fight for your kingdom, the more you can pump the hero and join a new clan. The appeal of the “Vikings” is that you can play not with one player, and hundreds and thousands of like-minded people who set the same tasks.
Advantages and disadvantages
On the positive side, Vikings: War of Clans should be noted:

Conducting world wars with awards;
Beautiful choice of units, their balance;
The ability to make a variety of tactical decisions;
Planning the development of the settlement “for yourself”.

Among the negative points can be highlighted:

Prolonged construction time at later stages of the game;
Small number of construction objects.

In general, the game at Vikings: War of Clans will remain the most vivid impressions.
Conclusions .
Vikings: War of Clans is a great balanced game with nice graphics. From the very first minutes you can feel the quality animation and “live” graphics. The ability to pump players, raise the status of cities, train soldiers and apply your own strategy will give you great pleasure.