Star Stable

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Once upon a time, a mysterious island surrounded by the blue sea was visited by a miraculous girl on a gorgeous horse. She was not just such a young lady and released a magical light that sowed life on the bare rocks and sharpened the evil that dwelt nearby deep under them. Since then, the island has been inhabited by magnificent horses, and the people who live there have some deep mystical connection with these noble animals.
The island of horses.
Such is the mysterious place where the players of Star Stable, modern MMORPG about horses and competitions will spend time. For lovers of animals, and horses in particular, it’s a treasure trove of all things interesting. There is an opportunity to choose a character to your taste, choosing a horse friend, and his own stables with a small corral, where you can train. And an endless field of activity. Yes, yes!
Outside a huge mysterious world full of adventure. One only has to have the courage to step over the threshold to get to know the amazing country without getting off the saddle. The environment is filled with a variety of characters that have a lot to say and certainly will not let you get bored. Interacting with them is very easy to get on an adventure and then ride on a wave of events, gradually plunging into the quaint and colorful life of the islanders.
As the story progresses, more and more details about the island are revealed to the player. It turns out that a group of dishonest gatekeepers carry an insidious plan to demolish the stables and build in their place polluting production. Any help is important, and those who have a hot and kind heart must respond to the call for help. There is a struggle for the future of the island ahead, it is necessary to defend the beautiful landscapes, do not hurt this paradise and defend the stables!
An interesting feature of the game – its graphics. It is cartoon, unpretentious. And it seems that the developers have found some kind of a golden mean between the modern requirements for realism and simplicity of textures. The game universe is designed to details, full of events. Although it does not shine with modern tessellation, advanced shader model, but looks nice, bright and fresh. Seems like a cartoon, but you don’t lose the feeling that you’re in the real world. And when you have to talk to the NPC, it doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re a living person.
Sketchy drawing allows you to run Star Stable on not the most productive iron and makes the game available to millions of users. And most importantly, not in the example of modern AA projects does not force you to spend on top iron to make gameplay more comfortable.
Managing a horse is a separate praise. It’s simple and straightforward. It allows you to fully focus on exploring the gaming space. You need to accelerate or slow down – spin the wheel, and left-right – A and D. Horse training, riding and competition are all easy.

Friends Island
By the way, MMO means mass multiplayer game. Yeah! Besides NPC, it’s full of real people. Behind every met figure on the horse – a potential person and a possible friend with whom you can have fun. How many future horse breeder expects interesting online dating, how many like-minded people will appear in his game!
It’s always more fun together. You can gather in some audio chat, for example, in the free communication program Discord and share the news of this attractive universe, discover its secrets together and share the acquired knowledge. Most players do and there are many of those who bring in the game of friends from real life.
The game is a hobby.
The game is updated daily, new content, items, events appear. It is impossible to get bored. Those who missed a few days and can not catch up with friends who left behind can easily solve the problem by purchasing for a small amount of real money necessary to quickly pump the character elements. In the same way you are allowed to move forward in solving complex quests! Cash injections are not obligatory, but there is such an option – convenient and unobtrusive.
Star Stable is a very interesting modern project, designed for children and female audience. But the plot and gameplay are so exciting that even adults stay and enjoy spending a lot of time in the game. A huge amount of content, developed world, fun atmosphere make the game some magical and attractive place for everyone without exception. Any player who loves animals and communicating with friends will find here something of his own, some extraordinary magic, exploring, teaching pets and competing.