Star Conflict

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The time of action in the game unfolds three thousand years after the beginning of space exploration. The galaxy is conquered and divided by several empires, and there are freedom-loving groups in it. In some sector 1337 are found traces of ancient highly developed civilization, its ruins and numerous artifacts. And now all adventurers, factions and states are busy exploring this region full of dangers and incredible technology. Worlds of people are on the verge of war, for this legacy of the Precursors, this is the name of the disappeared civilization.
Star Conflict is a massive multiplayer game about space, the mysteries of the universe and adventure. The game is developed by Russian studio Targem Games, known for its successful projects for platforms Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and 4, Oculus, as well as for online service Steam.
As it is in outer space.
At the heart of the gameplay are team PVP battles and PVE missions that players can perform in the cooperative. The project is developing and recently there is a new mode – open world.
Probably there are more types of spaceships in the game than in the “Star Trek” universe, and users are offered to go to explore the colorful universe on them. Especially since the open world has been invaded by Biomorphic aliens. These mysterious creatures have invaded populated areas and now factions are gathering free fighters to counter the threat.
The open world universe is a three-dimensional map connected by a hyperjump gate. Players within them are given full freedom of action. Available:
– An attack on the ships of other players and computer-controlled characters, such as aliens;
– search for a loot;
– piracy;
various missions.
Stellar locations are inhabited by interesting characters and filled with dangers of a variety of nature. Sectors of factions, player associations, are patrolled by police. Confront the law – means to choose one of the lines of behavior and acquire the characteristic “karma” – destiny and reputation. And then you either become a pirate and join the corresponding contingent, or take sides with a faction.
Variety of activities.
Mission is a mode where a team of four players opposes enemy ships with a computer-controlled system. It goes through several stages with different conditions: the damage varies, the shields of the ships are strengthened or weakened, etc. The tip of the PVE Cooperative is a special operation, a real raid, a complex multi-level and multi-stage event in which a huge alien cruiser “Defile” is to be destroyed. On the hunt for this giant come out as much as 12 players on ships armed to the teeth.
Battle for the sector is an event in which the entire faction will take part. In order to start the operation is building a flagship – Dreadnought. This is a very resource-intensive and time-consuming task. In the bank, the participants of the fraction are gathering resources, the faster it is possible to establish deliveries, the more intensive is the construction. Armed with a dreadnought, the faction begins to conquer. Victories bring the influence points needed to control the sectors that increase the community’s income.
Fighting by their own rules. This option is available both as a fight between players and as a battle with the artificial intelligence of the game. It is a tournament and training component of the gameplay. This mode does not bring income and is used by players to study maps, develop teamwork and try out various tactical schemes.
Battle players against players. A team from the quick playlist and an opponent is selected for the player. It is possible to start in this mode and your group. Teams, depending on the type of PVP battle consists of a different number of ships, from 6 to 32 units. There are these types of battles:
– Capturing beacons: You need to take control of your opponent’s beacons;
– Control: You need to reduce the enemy’s efforts to zero to control the beacons;
– battle reconnaissance: Destroy the Commander-in-Chief;
– Hunting a lighthouse: Catch the corresponding unit and gain control over it;
– detonation: destroy point of guidance;
Team Battle: Win the clash by destroying your opponent’s ships.
Minimizing and licensing
The game is distributed for free. Advantages get the most experienced players who spend a lot of time in the pilot’s seat. Those who can not find that much time, Luke Skywalker helps to become a premium game currency, which can be purchased from the official website.
System requirements look quite democratic:
64-bit operating system of Windows family;
A processor with a frequency not less than 2 GHz;
4 Gigabytes of operating system, and a DirectX 9.0 video card with 512 megabytes of video memory;
6 Gigabytes on the hard drive.