Soul Sword

Play online game Soul Sword for free. Easy registration. Game review: Soul Sword

Experience the drive and take part in the exciting adventures of today becomes a reality. All it takes is to play Soul Sword online. In fact – we are talking about the role-playing browser RPG fermenter, capable of revealing to users a special, dynamic and unusual world in the fantasy setting. The feature of the proposal is the ability to select multiple locations.
About the plot
Dating in Soul Sword can compete even with a sensational novel in the appropriate style. In ancient times, seekers of happiness and a better share tried to get the Sword of Temptation, which gave its new owner the magical power. For a long time, this weapon was destined to lose its ability. Believing the next enemy, the sword literally absorbed all the negativity and hatred of the world around. Gradually, the owner it entered in a mad condition, and on the ground sowed one destruction and terrible chaos.

Most reviews of the game Soul Sword refers to the Sword of the Soul, which was created by a great king who wanted to give his life to end a series of murders and crushing. The new weapon was able to adapt to a hostile environment and learned to avoid contact with dark forces, by taking the form of various objects. This allowed it to gradually reach the ship’s captain in the form of a double blade. The new “master” of the super weapon destroyed everyone who got in his way until a warrior appeared, who finally and irrevocably managed to eliminate evil.
Game Features
Key events begin after registration in Soul Sword, when a brave warrior managed to capture and neutralize one of the great blades. The main character is to lead a fierce battle for the ancient relict sample. Play Soul Sword online can be a hero who belongs to one of the following classes:

Nightmare – a dark knight, able to get close to your opponent and cause him fatal blows;
Siegfried – the strongest warrior, ready to use in battle cold weapons and spell power;
Tyra is a funny clowness, capable of discouraging the enemy;
Ivy is a maiden who knows several effective recipes from an alchemy course, making it possible to defeat several opponents at once.

By registering in Soul Sword, you can choose one of the unique characters on offer. Thanks to the efforts of the developers, the “gamer” has several interesting costumes that significantly change the look of the selected character.

Looking through any review of Soul Sword game, it becomes clear that the first battle is doomed to defeat. It is primarily designed to familiarize yourself with the basic controls, possible skills and abilities of the character. Play Soul Sword online can be both in real time and automatically. In the latter case, the character is given the opportunity to choose their own quests and enter into battle with monsters.

As in many other RPK, in Soul Sword hero pumping is carried out after the completion of tasks. Successful completion of each stage guarantees receiving awards, equipment, exclusive currency and perfect skills. Maximum values can be “beaten out” of the bosses living in the dungeons. After completing registration in Soul Sword, you can also play against another real opponent. The user has the right to join an existing community or to organize his own military guild.


It is extremely useful to get acquainted with the reviews of the game Soul Sword. The fact that many of them will learn about the additional features of this game. Mainly, about the features when, as a result of passing a certain stage, the hero gets additional power, allowing him to marry other characters. This innovation allows not only to increase the characteristics of the character, but also make the gameplay more diverse.
Visualization and Sound
Not a bad three-dimensional graphics, luxurious detail gives the game more colorful and imaginative. All movements are clear enough, predictable in principle. The three-dimensional images look quite stylish and realistic. As for sound effects, the game is quite pleasant and comfortable.
Advantages and disadvantages
Of the positive aspects of Soul Sword it is necessary to note a clear and simple plot, ease of operation, undemanding to “iron”. The obvious disadvantages include account instability, the need to constantly add to the character, without which you can do, of course, but to get new skills can take forever.
Not a bad multiplayer RPG toy, where the “gamer” is invited to take part in new and unusual adventures. Special visual effects, well-designed graphics, will fully immerse yourself in a truly mysterious story. The offer will please fans to enter new guilds, explore insidious dungeons, master the supernatural and powerful ancient weapons.