Rise of Angels

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Fans of multiplayer RPG “brodilok” is definitely worth playing Rise of Angels online. The toy is made in the style of anime and is actually a great tool for organizing a fascinating journey around the world and save it from unknown dark forces. The authorship of the project belongs to the studio CreaGames, which has already been able in its recent past to please users with browser games of quite high quality performance.
About the plot
Fully experience all the features of the offer real after registering in Rise of Angels. Before you make your choice in the game, you need to familiarize yourself with its plot, which will surprise the experienced “gamer” with almost nothing. There is nothing new and special here – still the same defenseless world, dark forces, several brave fighters who want to save humanity. A small group of lucky men managed to build the city of dreams, which became for a time their haven and base for the creation of the Legion of Blazing Light. Since the “detachment” is small, it needs to be replenished with new recruits, of which you will be one.
Features of the game
You can save the universe with one of the available characters, including a magician, archer or warrior. Many reviews of Rise of Angels game devote a lot of attention to them. Classes are familiar and already order podnadoeli. The differences between the characters are only in their style. If you try, a certain individuality can still be found, and, then, only in the initial stages:

Warrior is given a large stock of health and excellent ability to conduct close combat;
The archer is somewhat more difficult to survive, but his advantage is the marksmanship;
Completely robbed of the wizard’s health, but he will be able to organize the local extermination of groups of opponents.

It is worth noting that playing Rise of Angels Online – means to constantly increase combat power, improve and discover the original abilities. The user is available to a huge number of all kinds of equipment, auxiliary characters, mutants, goddesses and other fighters who will need to pump to increase the BM.

Many reviews of the game Rise of Angels pay attention to the presence of various activities to take advantage of which you will be able to manually control the hero. Among other things, you can highlight the task of defending the tower, with the involvement of allies – girls in the style of anime with Greek names. With them, it is easy to destroy entire enemy armies, to protect the vault and to extract valuable artifacts.

By registering Rise of Angels and reaching high levels, the casino becomes available, where you can actually earn extra points necessary for pumping and, in turn, increase the combat power. Every day the player is given a few points, designed to play on events. In case of victory, the user expects a good win and the right to improve the fighting power of his character.

After reading many reviews of Rise of Angels, you will definitely notice the proposed option to play against another player in real time. PvP – the arena is almost always available and can be a field to identify the strongest clan. Battles are possible one on one or group on group. It is preferable to take over all the control. Ideally, you should first familiarize yourself with all the features of the mode, for example, via youtube. A feature of the game Rise of Angels online is the ability to not only fight with your opponent, but also to create a virtual family with a wedding.

Visualization and sound
It’s nice to know that the developers have tried to offer quite a bright and colorful product with perfect graphics. After registration in Rise of Angels, literally from the first minutes you start to notice an unusual three-dimensional picture, luxurious scenes. It is necessary to note worthy sound and magnificent localization.
Advantages and disadvantages
The key repulsive factor is the uniformity of gameplay and the need for donations. The user has a long way to pump his hero, which can simplify the real money. The advantages of Rise of Angels can certainly be attributed:

A wide range of guns, pets;
Excellent graphics;
Live gameplay;
Interesting colorful locations.

Of the disadvantages should be emphasized the inability of modern browsers to quality elaboration of complex textures.
Conclusions .
Several reviews of the game Rise of Angels compare this product with “Storm Online. Similar, similar moments really a lot, but the implementation of the main idea seems to be better and more thoughtful. Rise of Angels is more “sharpened” for interactive moments. Unfortunately, a fully developed RPK this game is called, if you can, with a great stretch.