Point Blank

Play online game Point Blank for free. Registration and game review: Point Blank

In a way, the “product” is a symbiosis of mode, graphics, plot and features of the popular Counter Strike: Condition Zero and Quake 3 Arena. Many independent reviews of Point Blank game also agree with it. The user will have to release the hostages, find and disarm the explosives. Fighting can be either on the side of a special task force, or be a terrorist. Each battle takes place in a special dynamics and confusion.
About the plot.
In the game Point Blank online story is extremely simple. The user will have to face the cunning of terrorists and take advantage of the special forces. Characters, regardless of the selected mode and map remain the same.
Ease of control
As for the Point Blank interface, it must be said that it is similar to many popular session shooters. At the start, you can view the inventory, go to the store, find a suitable game and read / edit the waiting list. Of course, all this becomes available after registering Point Blank.

Entering the dressing room, you can choose between two male and female characters in the appropriate ammunition. Some items of equipment can actually be replaced in the store. The control is similar to Counter Strike, it is carried out by keys wasd. Shooting is performed with the left button, sight is performed with the right button of the mouse. Weapons selection – on the numeric keypad 1-5. Jump is performed by “space”, sit down – ctrl.
Game Features
Deal with the specifics and start playing Point Blank will be possible in 3-4 minutes after registration. There is no training functionality, but the developer has reserved a separate server for beginners, where you can learn the basics of management. Practice shows that experienced users also go there for “entertainment”.

Often reviews of the game Point Blank categorically commented on the relatively fast dynamics and not the most progressive fire system. Bewilderment causes slow recharging and lack of instantaneous character resurrection. The main emphasis is on tactics. The discomfort is due to small maps, where at one moment can come together a few dozen fighters, explosions and other events. The dynamics is kept in constant tension.

Once the registration of Point Blank, you can move on to the choice of the game mode, which is 4, and the number of cards is 10. The most simple is considered a “team match”, where the time allocated to hit the maximum number of opponents on 1 of 8 platforms and it is important to choose the right position to achieve victory.

In the mode of “destruction” play Point Blank online will have to meet with an opponent in several rounds. The key task is to defeat each team member. A bit ridiculous looks running two identical characters from different “sides” in search of each other. Here you can feel the developer’s shortcoming and his desire to create something unusual in principle.

The most exciting and interesting mode after registration in Point Blank is considered to be “subversion”. The difference, in the case of the popular CS, is the ability of each team to install the charges. In all other respects, the principle and specificity of the game is almost the same. In general, there is no significant difference between the modes. Therefore, in search of games, in order to save time, it is better to use the appropriate functionality.

From a review of Point Blank game you can understand that you can control a real fighter – storm trooper, engineer or sniper. The best results of character pumping are tournaments where you can get real prize money. The level of pumping depends on the reload speed, strength of recoil and life. Passing tasks at the beginning of the game you can get rewards in the form of experience and currency.

Since Point Blank is in some way a commercial project, it becomes clear the desire of the developers to provide for money different options for weapons and equipment, making the fighter more powerful and enduring in nature. In addition, offered men’s and women’s skins, almost nothing to influence. Initially, the player is given a rifle, grenades and a machine gun. Further weapons can be purchased in the store.
Visualization and sound.
Graphics at 2002-2005 level. The user does not get much excitement from the picture. The textures look angular, the pixel effect becomes very clear at the beginning of the game. Explosions and shots can hardly be called realistic in nature. Often hitting even the standing opponent is incredibly difficult in principle. The sound of the claims is less, however, its maximum level from the start is straining. Most of the effects of firing from different guns are the same.
Advantages and disadvantages
Point Blank is an easy to learn toy that has a dynamic gameplay. The disadvantages include “plagiarism” with other popular “shooters”, a small number of maps, modes, not a “healthy” balance between paid and free services.
Conclusions .
Point Blank lacks principled, revolutionary ideas. Since the game is free, anyone can feel like a real “cybersportsman”.