Play online game Neverwinter for free. Easy registration. Game review: Neverwinter

Connoisseurs of speakers, constant dialogues, unexpectedly appearing evil force and action should play Neverwinter online. The user has to dive into exciting adventures filled with all kinds of events and communication.
About the plot
Overview of Neverwinter game “stands out” her old-school and thoughtfulness to details. The player is immersed in a special space, reminiscent of a series. Everything that happens is surprising, especially the desire of knights – blondes with blue eyes, cutting through the white horse, to find at any cost villain, which in fact is possible and does not exist. Each event has its own story, where different characters appear.
The specifics of the game
A special feature of Neverwinter is the Knowtarget System. The characters are moved using the familiar keys of the WASD keyboard. After registering in Neverwinter, you can move on to dynamic battles, position wrestling, protection from spells and the desire to prevent the enemy to surround themselves.

The first thing you have to deal with is cute heroes, unusual tasks that you will definitely want to dive into. Neverwinter will surprise not only the presence of a battle with monsters, but also bright dialogues and a special game atmosphere. The player will need to communicate, manage races:

Half elves;
the Half-Elves;

What will have to deal with elves – restless, immortal and powerful creatures with an intriguing view, as well as yards – denounced fighters for their own freedom, small stature, impressive muscles, able to effectively conduct close combat. The game is completely immersed in medieval reality with classic fantasy decoration. The animation is a bit “limping”, especially in the areas where many movements are concentrated.

After registering in Neverwinter and creating your own character – it’s time to start training. It’s important to understand the available elements, skills and equipment options. The number of skills is very large. Many have an impact on damage, viability and bonuses. There are also Ultra Skills that appear after energy accumulation. Each class is characterized by the appropriate stats, which in Neverwinter online game will need to be pumped. You can do this manually or automatically. There is a function of redistribution of parameters, however, it is paid.

Outfit will be pleased with its appeal, because it resembles a fantastic movie. Each time the character will have to “apregaydit”, improve the quality of armor. Interesting seems to be a system of items that are divided into levels of rarity. There is always a choice for pumping. In addition, you can take things from merchants and their price may be different in principle. Some of them have appropriate slots that can be used to place the stones runes.

Battles with opponents
In the game reviews Neverwinter mentioned the possibility of organizing a confrontation with other players. It should be noted that the specifics of fighting is very limited. Fighting the enemy is limited to pressing 2-3 buttons. There are modes of holding and seizure of territory, which allows you to dilute the process of spinning enemies. In general, Neverwinter can be called a PVE giant, but not PVP in any way. You can feel an imperfection that is hidden either in the non-tuned damage system or not so good work of skills.
Advantages and disadvantages
It should be noted the colorful graphics, interesting drawing of characters. The game has the ability to search for accomplices. There are a lot of custom tasks and dungeons. There is an F2P platform. The disadvantages should include the mediocre PVP system, the need to “add” the acquisition of things and “gaps” with animation.
Conclusions .
The game definitely deserves attention. Its design, many tasks and game plot often looks better than similar proposals. Neverwinter brings great pleasure from the classic scenario, good graphics and ease of control.