Lineage 2

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Probably difficult to find someone who does not know about the legendary toy, which in a relatively short time has become iconic in its essence. The main task of the developers was to create a unique, three-dimensional world with real events, landscapes, wildlife and, of course, with full-scale battles. It is here that all modern achievements and technologies in the IT industry were ideally used.
About the plot.
Playing Lineage 2 means going through certain stages. With another chronicle adds a fresh problem to be dealt with. The main idea of the story is a legend about the need to capture new territories and the destruction of evil forces. In the first chronicle unfolds events around the city of Giran. In the second chronicle – the struggle for power, numerous racial intrigues. In the third chronicle – the emergence of the so-called cult of death and rebellion of the race of people from the shadows. The fourth chronicle is devoted to the nobility and the destruction of the balance of the world “players”. The fifth chronicle tells about the achievements, deeds and main characters of the “ruler”.
The specifics of the game
Registering in Lineage 2 will allow you to fully immerse yourself in a mysterious and previously unknown world. You can control it with the keyboard, RPG keys. Basic actions, movements are performed with the mouse. The interface is quite convenient. On the right, in the corner there is a small map with a display of monsters that are within sight. There is also information about NPS, benches and tasks. On the right side of the screen there are several menus, as well as tabs with information about the player, skills acquired, levels passed, open maps, systems and more. On the left side there is the chat and character health indicators.

Looking through any overview of the game Lineage 2, it is clear that the screen has become more interesting and informative, compared to the previous version. There is a choice of 7 races, including:


Originally in Lineage 2 character pumping was carried out after disassembling with the monsters, and each task was necessary for gaining a profession. Then the creators of the “lineage” were integrated awards and tasks. In addition, passing the level is accompanied by the issuance of a certain award – equipment.

Play Lineage 2 – means to constantly pump their own character, which has a number of features depending on the race, fresh uniforms and tattoos. We’re talking about the following skills:

WYN_(CON) – endurance;
LVC_(DEX) – agility;
LUC – good luck;
SIL_(STR) – physical strength;
DDR_(WIT) – wisdom and magical precision;
INT_(INT) – intelligence;
ECT_(MEN) – magic resistance and recovery rate;
CHAR_(CHA) – Charisma.
The game will acquire skills in an active and passive way, depending on the profession and the character. Especially interesting seems to mentor, help beginners, for which are provided good buffs and support on a material basis.


After completing registration in Lineage 2, a number of items and all kinds of equipment become available. They are provided when a certain rank is reached, based on the level passed. The equipment is presented:

Normal items (trophies) created by the Dwarves;
Shadow objects – weapons and accessories extracted during quests;
Rare objects that require special treatment by the Smith of Mammon;
Ordinary items – accessories, armour and weapons;
Blessed items – used immediately upon receipt;
Shackled objects that require additional processing.

Amulets, bracelets and capes are given as a reward for passing epic quests. It must be understood that they sometimes spend a huge amount of time and money.

Quite interesting levels are the quests of the nobility and subclass. Overcome the task will turn out with a clan or excellent communication skills. The subclass affects the player’s profession, which can be a Crafter or a Dark Elven Buffer. After completing the tasks of the subclass, reaching the necessary pumping at level 75, the transition to the nobility. The appropriate title allows you to take advantage of unique opportunities in raiding bosses or siege.
Sound Features and Graphics
All existing reviews of the game Lineage 2 note a realistic three-dimensional graphics. Each action looks very believable and intriguing. The graphics of the game, despite its relative “old age” – flawless in principle. Details of guns, castles, cities are very impressive. The universe becomes available for viewing from several angles. The sound of the game is fantastic. This applies to the steps, and the rustle of grass, and the murmur of a waterfall, and sword strikes and more.
Advantages and disadvantages
Undoubtedly, the distinguishing feature of Lineage 2 is:

Qualitative elaboration of the social component;
Simple exploration in the world;
The ability to participate in numerous duels, sieges and other battles;
Availability of different systems of professions and classes.

At the same time, the developers would like to wish:

Reduced time to achieve the desired result, goal;
Make an “upgrade” of the graphics;
Minimize the unavailable functions without a Premium account.

Otherwise, Lineage 2 looks simple and stunning.
The quality and popularity of the game is confirmed by a huge army of fans. Unfortunately, in Lineage 2 appeared many unclaimed components, including free stuff and pumping. Some tasks seem to be very sad and depressing in principle. Numerous and interesting, at first glance, weapons, in fact appears unclaimed in nature. The developers have put the “ruler” on “commercial rails” so that a simple player, a beginner, not even available chat until they reach level 75.