League of Angels III

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The popular game League of Angel 3 is a continuation of the eponymous “products” in the genre of multiplayer RPG. Since the previous parts of the saga, where the main role was given to the legendary warriors, received incredible popularity, the developers did not stop at the result achieved, and went further. Play League of angel 3 online is really interesting. Many users note the rapid development of the project, significant improvements in graphics and plot development.
About the plot.
It is based on the legendary story of the struggle between good and evil, the confrontation of heaven and dark forces. Play League of angel 3 online can be by selecting one of three dozen characters. Interestingly, the storyline is based on more than 10 chapters. The main character is invited to plunge into the process of searching for twelve relics. This is the main focus, as the basis for the rule of light warriors over dragons and other evil forces. Many reviews of the game League of Angel 3 talk about the possibility of a full immersion in a bright and exciting story. Among its features are luxurious drawing, the presence of constant dynamics and fantastic special effects.

It is important to note that the actual registration in the League of Angel 3 gives the opportunity to access the ultra-modern RPG and automatic with gameplay. The game requires minimal user exposure, while offering comprehensive growth mechanisms. Among the main features we can highlight the autopilot mode. It will allow automatic character development, without the participation of “gamer” in the background. The function is incredibly convenient and in demand.
Game Features
Users who have played in the League of angel 3 will probably note some similarities of the product with the familiar JRPG with the maximum possible simplification. The main character to move around the area, follow the instructions of the map, to fight the enemy. Bright forces in a slender row are waiting for the action of opponents. The main actions and damage are done in automatic mode. Activation of some skills is available manually. Basically “computer – artificial intelligence” manages to cope with any opponent. The only thing that is better to fight with the bosses through their direct participation.

By registering for the League of angel 3, the player gets a huge opportunity. In particular, this applies to weapons and the three skills assigned to him. Based on the situation, it may take time to restore the abilities, indicated by the yellow scale. The energy is replenished whenever the player enters the active phase of the attack. This feature makes battles even more exciting. The result of the battle directly depends on the specifics of the unit. It is possible to choose a classic or own tactics. For example, the team actually include a healer, tank, killers and other characters.

Most reviews of the game League of Angel 3 note a rich and interesting story that brings the user to an unusual and truly fantastic reality. There is access to a large map, a good selection of angels and various options for fighting, including rivalry with world bosses. In some situations, the abundance of development opportunities will pleasantly please. The game can pump literally everything, including weapons, wings, achievements, learned skills and riding animals, for which you will have to sacrifice collected valuable items provided for the tasks performed.

The main feature that reflects the power of the character is the combat rating. Participants in events are given the opportunity to recruit keepers, hire them for free, or become their owners for a fee by handing over diamonds or scrolls. Sometimes the user becomes the owner not of an integral warrior, but a part of it – a fragment. This adds extra intrigue in search of all the constituent elements to create a complete warrior. Beginners who have just read the League of Angels 3 overview are encouraged to join the “Academy of Angels”. After gaining some experience, they can become part of the community or organize their own “club”. This allows some players to participate in important events and qualify for bonuses.

Visualization and sound
After registration in League of angel 3 you can start studying its interface and graphics. The game is a 3D product in which you can zoom, change the angle of view of the character, events, camera rotation and assign it almost any desired position. Women are made with large breasts, open armor and beautiful “legs”. Men, as a rule, have the characteristic musculature and belligerent appearance. Russian-speaking users will definitely enjoy the localization, which affected not only voice messages and dialogues, but the interface as a whole.
Advantages and disadvantages
Among the positive aspects we should mention the presence of PvP mode. It is possible to organize fights. The opening of the PVP arena is at level 52, where you can experience the strength and all the features of the character. Positive emotions are caused by the plot, the quality of drawing heroes, good musical accompaniment. Of the shortcomings can be distinguished only by a long pumping character.
Conclusions .
All without exception reviews of the game League of angel 3 highlight its detail and quality of drawing characters. The project deserves attention due to an interesting story. The game will definitely like fans of MMORPG.