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The name is of course in elven. It is not known how the elves got in with this game in modern browsers, but the fact remains. Welcome to a parallel universe. All that is required from the player to build a great city and organize the most efficient economy in the world. What little things!
Story line
The Elvenar world is inhabited by humans and elves. They are very different. The first talented engineers and organizers, and the second have ancient knowledge, culture and mastery of magic. Two races need to be wisely ruled. The choice is up to the player who he becomes an elf or a person. The action takes place on an ancient land full of secrets, dangers and wealth. Knowledge is also scattered here and there, but before you can master it, you must find it. You can rediscover the great technologies of the past and make them work for you.
The game window opens up to the whole screen and you won’t notice the difference with an ordinary application. The menu is simple, convenient and reminds you of all the standard strategies of this kind. Mouse click on the buttons, select buildings, resources, research and invisibly plunge into the economic and political activities of a particular state from another world, separated from our monitor.
At the beginning of the game, training. Get acquainted with the menu buttons, basic mechanics performing simple tasks. We get all kinds of resources, a lot, enjoy and move on.
Naturally, people will not sleep in the open air. For the workers, we build everything we need from the very beginning, including workshops. The good map is big and it is allowed to place anything in any place. We make roads and trails so that the specialists do not knead the slush.
Very nice that a redevelopment is available. If you need to make changes, we do it at any time. The population quickly understands what they are not rallying to.
Landscapes, paraphernalia, music all create a strong feeling that the environment is the last in the 21st century. In fact, the player should break away from the computer and open the door of his room he will get into his Elvenar. There are some miracles on the screen: we zoom in and admire the beautiful emerald grass, look at waterfalls and white smoke over the city’s pipes. Here and there, residents are drooling, wagons creaking, doors slamming, and barracks are preparing their soldiers.


Food and gold are the main currencies at Elvenar. Without this goodness, there is nowhere and not only in a parallel universe. To build and develop, you need more of both. The people of Elvenar, by the way, have a sense of beauty and want to live in a pleasant place. And for this you need beautiful trees, high architecture and much more. Improving the lives of citizens, raising the level of education and culture receive their gratitude in the form of increased productivity. How vital isn’t it?
Gaming finance seamlessly connects two worlds: our sinful and colorful Elvenar. Of course, the elves and, in general, all the local Middle Ages and without rubles are well provided, but who said that money can be superfluous? In a word, you can buy everything for premium currency – crystals, which are unknown with the help of which transactions get to Elvenar from a completely untraceable terminal. It is hard to say why our assignations are so powerful in those parts, but the fact remains.
Academic activities
Actually, the granite is gnawed in any territorial formations very slowly. And in our wonderful fairy tale comes a unit of knowledge per hour, for which you can make any small improvement. What can we do? Buying knowledge for gold is not an option, each new point is much more expensive. The point is that if the wolf feeds his legs, the professor who does not sit in the laboratories, they should reward with knowledge: we move into the field.
Research of nearby areas brings a variety of experience, and successful trade with the owners of the location gives relics. That’s advancement in research. In addition to hiking and research, you can also go on adventures. Then you can not do without a fight. This is not bad, because the mechanics of battle in the game at height. This is a full-fledged battle desktop turn-based strategies. Where the player can control each unit, move it on the battlefield and be the winner even in the best conditions.
Prospects .
So far, there are no full-fledged PVP modes in the game. You can write a protest note to neighboring players, immerse them, and then finish everything with exchange and trade. The battle will not work. But the project is developing rapidly, there are updates after updates. And most likely in the near future will appear and a full online component in the field of frank exchange.
At the moment, you can already feel the potential of the project. The game is beautiful, interesting, has simple management and a very logical economy. It has everything that fans of urban planning strategies so like. Spend time surrounded by medieval castles, magic and mysteries that can be more enjoyable? We are looking forward to continuing!