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Getting acquainted with the review of Dragon Lord game, it’s hard not to mention the specifics of its plot, dynamics and pleasant graphics. The main action takes place in a wonderful kingdom, where there are constant wonders, battles of dragons, orcs and elves. It should be added that the competition “brodilok” in the appropriate genre is quite high, but, nevertheless, the game is not a small interest among fans of this kind of proposals. In fact, the “product” is a kind of symbiosis of strategy, RPG and action.
About the plot.
The lucky ones who have already played Dragon Lord online, of course, there is something to tell about. The fact that events are taking place around the large mainland, where people are fighting fiercely with unusual creatures. The strongest participant in the unequal battle will dominate the world. An additional challenge is the dark forces whose task is to destroy the civilian population. The player will have to build his kingdom, build an army and incinerate the warring empire.
Convenience of control.
Once you have registered Dragon Lord, you should start the training process. The main control is done with the mouse. Character skills are selected on the keyboard with buttons 1-6. Besides, it is possible to set the “autopilot” mode. The interface is not distinguished by anything compared to similar browser games. Many pop-up windows, banners and various buttons to buy “stuff” for real money.
Game Features
Initially it will be useful to read at least one review of Dragon Lord game. From it you can learn that at the start to create your own character. As a “blank” offers the following options:

Aurora – the embodiment of bright ideas in the angelic look;
Carmina – a cunning witch with a charming appearance;
Metatron – a fair and impartial creature;
Naima – a girl hunting for shadows;
Nevermore – a strong black sorcerer commanding a demon;
Uhler – the owner of ice;
The Fiori is a blade lord;
Bigfoot – a fighter with bears from the ice.

After registering Dragon Lord, you will be able to get acquainted not only with the unique representation of the characters, but also with their abilities. Some fighters are strong in close combat, others win with the help of demons.

Conditionally in the game Dragon Lord online universe is divided into separate locations, typical for each stage of the event with the appropriate plot. Experienced gamers note a certain monotony of all actions, as mostly fighting with monsters and bosses, for which, as a reward, is given gold, priceless experience, scrolls of reinforcements and equipment. The higher the level, the more features become available.

Registering in Dragon Lord opens the way to learning the combat rating system. You can increase it by mining equipment in combat or by donating it to Dragon Lord. Initially each character is given a certain magic (dark or light) and skills. Reset of talents is paid, which should be considered. Horses and pets – companions of the hero, you can also pump.

Visualization and sound
Play Dragon Lord online is really interesting. The graphics looks lively and dynamic in principle. Animation at a high level. Drawing of locations is great. The effects of spells will amaze even an avid gamer. All skills are characterized by a certain colorfulness. The same heroes and monsters almost no – you can see that the developers of the game approached with the soul. There are only minor complaints about the sound, not very appropriate “heroic” melody, monotonically playing during the game.
Advantages and disadvantages
Not every Dragon Lord review will adequately describe all its advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side it should be noted:

Really good graphics;
Wide “range” of comrades and heroes;
Not a bad choice of magic schools.

Shortcomings, although there are, but all of them are not significant:

Lack of PvP mode as such;
Pumping isn’t very interesting;
High value on the character of the donation game.

Mainly Dragon Lord is very enjoyable and allows you to enjoy every minute of the battle.
Conclusions .
Dragon Lord is a classic toy in the characteristic genre, without any innovations or excesses. It is distinguished by its colorful design, perfectly implemented strategic component. Painting a little spoil the donation, but without it the game is worth a lot of attention. Dragon Lord will please not tense, various battles and the opportunity to pump the hero as you wish. The key to success is to select a really viable and effective squad of friends, ready to defeat the strongest boss.

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