Dragon Knight 2

Play online game Dragon Knight 2 for free. Registration and game review: Dragon Knight 2

The novelty was in the testing and development stage for a long time. Fans of the characteristic fierce battles from Asia to play Dragon Knight 2 online began a few months earlier than we have. It should be said that the gameplay in the new “product” is not much different from the early version of the project. The user will have to constantly develop their own character and improve their unique fighting abilities. In the fresh browser toy will be able to use more weapons, brighter suits, interesting opportunities to pump the hero. Among the main features is the ability to organize parties, weddings and other inter-server events that are so fond of almost any player.
About the plot.
Making a review of Dragon Knight 2, the creators do not specify the moments from where it all began. There is a dragon holding in captivity a beautiful princess. The main character’s task is to save this beautiful lady. The exciting moment is the emphasis on the fact that the world was in desolation for thousands of years until the main character, capable of saving the universe – in fact, it is you. The ultimate idea is justice and the overthrow of violence.
Game Features
After registration Dragon Knight 2 can go on to study control. The main organs are on the keyboard. Some actions are performed using the mouse. The interface is rather extensive and includes the following points:

Character data;
Received awards;
Promotions in progress;
Tasks that are being performed;
Message window;
Experience bar;
Playing opportunities;

It’s pretty easy to get used to the controls. At the very beginning, as Dragon Knight 2 will be registered, you need to decide on the character, choose him from two possible classes – magician and warrior. The first one creates fire circles and amazes the enemy with them, the second one – sharpened steel blade deals with enemies. What is very important – the choice of the hero can be made on the basis of gender.

Play Dragon Knight 2 online is very simple. Enough to set the task and the character will start running on the map, consistently achieve their goals and perform the command “leader”. In fact, this is how the character is pumped – easy and, as usual for this kind of games, boring. The appearance of new items is not much different from similar MMORPG projects.

Judging from the numerous reviews of Dragon Knight 2 – all the items used by the player can be improved, improved and increased fighting power. They can have an impact on improving damage, increasing the percentage of bauf reinforcement. Interestingly, up to 30 stages the character can choose any skill, create the most effective bundle, gradually pump it. But, for the most part, all presented abilities are the same and similar. It is important to note that the pump will get even the riding mound and teammates.

The developers offered fans of fierce battles to play Dragon Knight 2 online in PvE mode. Options are actually not many, where in each case will be fought against monsters and the boss. The main actions are performed in stages, ie “gamer” is given the opportunity to choose how to attack “machine” or “manually. It must be said about the character’s ability to accumulate rage after the application of the simplest skills.


Access to the arena becomes available as a result of registration in Dragon Knight 2 and passing the first 26 levels. Battles with other players take place after training with NPC. The opponent is determined on the basis of the combat strength, which must correspond to a specific character. Each new victory makes the rating higher and allows you to count on a fight with real users in the network. In addition, it is possible to guild warriors among the eight best communities, competing for high ranks and resources to destroy the enemy’s defense.
Visualization and Sound
Dragon Knight 2 graphics will delight you with its certain colorfulness, color depth, realism and clear dynamic scenes. The animation gives additional intrigue and brightness to the developing events. As for sound – the quality is at a level, but not every player can adjust it and turn it on the first time.
Advantages and disadvantages
The reviews of Dragon Knight 2 evaluate positively the appearance of a new and, in fact, well known to everyone project. Among the main advantages are the use of PvP mode with the help of guilds. The obvious disadvantages include boring pumping of the main character, minimal set of classes, poor “range” of dungeons, not the widest map and simple bosses.
Conclusions .
In general, who has already had the chance to play “Dragon Knight”, the emergence of the new version will be a real gift. The plot, the specifics of events and a number of other moments are performed in a familiar and recognizable performance. Getting used to the project is quite fast. The peculiarity of Dragon Knight 2 is that there is no need to download the corresponding client and limit yourself to using the browser.