Cuisine Royale

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Play Cuisine Royal online will want at least for its original and quite appropriate humor. Initially, the shooter was conceived as a first April joke. The project was so bright, interesting and vital, that in a short time entered the top thematic. This is what prompted the developers of the toy to make it soon an independent product.
About the plot.
Join Cuisine Royal offers the user almost limitless opportunities to participate in real royal battles for survival, which will seem more fun and very fun than ever. The main character, with kitchen utensils on his head, back and shoulders, improvised bulletproof vest to defeat all rivals, while remaining alive. The project appeals to itself genuine interest for high-quality implemented humor, good physics, excellent graphics and excellent optimization.
Features of the game
It all starts with the fact that the main character, almost in one pants to get used to a fairly wide map. In reviews of Cuisine Royal game is not difficult to find the main recommendations for possible actions. The main task of the hero is to find really worthy weapons, and not useless accessories, despite their threatening appearance. It is important to consider one important point – to play Cuisine Royal online at the same time can be up to 30 opponents, and it is likely that one of them will be ahead of you and will find a real firearm.

Dilute the tension allows numerous tableware, which are an integral part of the gameplay. Surprisingly, according to the developers, the usual colander can reflect bullets, pancake pan or waffle iron may well be a good substitute for a bulletproof vest. After registration in Cuisine Royal you can choose a combat zone and view a huge game map. The hero can hide in buildings, show his skills and parkour skills. In some ways, the project reminds everyone of the favorite GTA.

Taking into account the information in Cuisine Royal game reviews, already on a subconscious level, the player prepares himself for the need to move to the central zones in order to engage in a battle with the survivors. It is quite possible that the sluggishness of the character will cause a deadly storm, which has a negative impact on health. At the same time, almost the entire map is dotted with many items designed to improve the skills of the hero. Recover from your wounds will be possible through an IV, delicious buns or steaks. Improve your eyesight is elementary, for which you will need to get glasses. Interestingly, the cigar found allows you to minimize damage by half.

Separately, it should be noted in the game Cuisine Royal online lutbox system. You can meet them almost anywhere, however, any value they do not have. Interestingly, that their content will be known in advance. Lutboxes have the form of small fridges, different colors, so you can predict the nature of the internal content.

Visualization and sound
The kitchen utensils used in the game make a characteristic sound. Once you register with Cuisine Royal, it’s easy to be sure. Especially bright are the moments when somewhere near the main character is walking the enemy, ringing his “armor”. If the hero is hiding in a building, you can clearly hear the steps on the stairs, the roof and everything that happens outside. Emerging sound effects actually play into the hands of the user.

With respect to graphics, the naturalness of the environment should be noted. All objects and houses look quite realistic. Despite this, there are several defects. Some models differ in their not natural movements. Often there is a disappearance of textures in the doorways and other obstacles. In all other respects, the optimization of graphics is performed at a high level.
Advantages and disadvantages
Among the undisputed positive points should be noted the equality of conditions for the vision of battle, the lack of a pronounced need to constantly “add up”. In addition, the game itself is distributed on a free basis. Of course, the performed optimization, sound quality, gameplay and a huge number of different maps are impressive. From negative components it makes sense to say about not the best interaction with transport, the presence of several bugs, problems with the realism of shooting and the difficulty of getting used to the control.
Conclusions .
Almost all popular reviews of the game Cuisine Royal describe it as a dynamic and diverse shooter. The project will please not only elements of fierce battles, but also a part of modern humor. The movement of the hero, the quality of graphics, map size is really impressive. Currently, there is a constant improvement in content and increasing popularity of the toy.