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The toy will appeal to fans of dynamic shootings and battles on iron monsters. The action takes place in a world where the strongest participant of the battle wins. Battle tasks are performed on vehicles made of handy material. Crossout in the atmosphere and fascination can be compared to Robocraft.
About the plot.
The people created by the aliens, who were supposed to be the instrument of murder, for unknown reasons began to die or turn into mutants. Those who managed to survive, in the absence of power and control, started fierce wars with their own kind.
Features of the game
Playing Crossout online is very easy. All basic actions are performed by keys W, A, S and D, as well as the mouse. First, you will need to register in Crossout. Then you select the type of battle. After that, begin fighting in a small arena, where the player will survive. The first game is accompanied by hints and training process.
Construction of the machine
The creation of the vehicle is carried out at will, using a designer. Depending on the level passed, it is possible to “improve” the vehicle. The wheelbase and dimensions of the vehicle are upgraded. The basic structure is linear and unified, so something unique and unusual can not be done.
Equipment .
Making a review of the game Crossout we must say that there is no special diversity in weapons. The arsenal includes shotguns, automatic rifles, spikes, guns, turret and saw. It is not difficult to guess that the meaning of the game comes down to finding and earning better and more reliable spare parts that will help in the fight against artificial intelligence.
The nuances of the combat system
Unfortunately, the developers Crossout main goal was to monetize, provide paid services and create some illusion of a pseudo exciting gameplay. There are significant restrictions on the choice of weapons, mechanics and use of original tactics of combat. After registration in Crossout can only ram your opponent, aim at him and shoot. On the positive side, it is worth noting the display of real damage to enemy vehicles, shooting wheels and weapons.
Battles with entourage
All parts available in the game have 5 levels of uniqueness, displayed in the corresponding color. It is possible to possess them only after passing another mission. Since battles take place with bots, there is no gaming mechanics with great possibilities of battles. No support, interesting devices or tanks. Daily given a certain amount of energy consumed as you pass the levels and mining. Nothing special and intriguing.
Battle with an opponent.
Initially, it seems that the toy is aimed at battles with other players, at least the initial reviews of the game Crossout that is what we talked about. In some ways, the gameplay can be compared to the World of Tanks. But, count on juicy, original, fascinating combat mechanics, great rewards for winning battles here is not necessary.

Advantages and disadvantages
Initially, playing Crossout online is interesting. The advantage of the “shooter” can be considered:

The ability to build your own vehicle;
The inclusion of a battle like PvE or PvP.

But the more you dive into the game, the more obvious “pop up” minuses:

Weak range of weapons;
Limited possibilities for the editor of the vehicle;
Lack of features, chips, unique things that could at least somehow diversify the game.
The more you dive into Crossout, the better you realize the limitations of the game.
Crossout, to put it mildly, does not live up to the hopes placed on this game. It would seem, that very original and unusual idea was lost on the root of greed and aspiration for profit of its developers. There is no post-apacalyptic atmosphere in the devil. Literally every single element of the game has limitations, from creating the vehicle to its armament. Minimum features have made the car the same type, with the difference in color and dimensions. I would like to see in Crossout skill account pilot, various traps and other tricks, which, alas, is not.

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