Blade and Soul

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The game takes you to a special world in which vast fields with animals and numerous, meaningless characters stretch. Blade & Soul will delight with cute content and interesting graphics.
About the plot.
Actions take place in the past, in a world of serenity and tranquility. Play Blade & Soul online will want again and again. Here the gamer has to restore harmony, to rid the universe of evil and suffering and drive out the dark forces that are gradually gaining confidence in themselves. The inhabitants of heaven won the battle, but not the battle. In today’s world there was a division of people, some were ready to endure oppression and humiliation, others – to free the weak from tyrant tricks. And so, when the simple mortals began to be forgotten, darkness again consumed the world, but the battle is not equal, because the help from heaven will no longer be.
Convenience of control.
Reviews of Blade & Soul indicate that it is easy to control. Already the default setting of the skill keys, including 1, 2, 3, 4 and z, x, c, v. Moving around is implemented in the standard way – the buttons isd. Execution of combinations is done with the f and tab keys. The lying enemy can be hit by pressing the r button. Some skills tied to the keys may differ depending on the chosen profession. The most interesting is battles with bosses.
Game Features
Having completed registration Blade & Soul, it is recommended to move on to the study of classes including Master of Power, Master of Kung – Fu, Conscript, Assassin, Arrow, Dragonfly, Fist of Fury and Master of Lynch Blade. After that, you can move on to the learning process, practice strokes, and receive the blessing of a mentor. The tie and story of the game is impressive and distinguished by its thoughtfulness.

Play Blade & Soul online although simple, but the linearity of mechanics can strain. The transition from one area to another is spontaneous. But, with each new level, the feeling of playing RPG gradually disappears. The size of maps becomes more serious, the world is more and pleases its diversity. Bewilderment causes only the number of instances (new locations) and time from the loading. Weak PC most likely the game will not pull.

Pumping the main character is by killing the enemy, but more effect can be achieved by simply going through to the end level. Tasks are quite simple and clear. The essence of each quest becomes clear from the first minutes of action, which is confirmed by many reviews of Blade & Soul. Perfectly implemented navigation, the red lighted enemies, blue – useful things. Interestingly, the number of tasks is unlimited.

Join in Blade & Soul will organize teamwork to neutralize monsters and bosses. Stunned by traps is possible only if there are two more such skills. Vulnerability of bosses is determined by control dimshig. Maps and monsters are not repeated when moving to new levels. Those who have already played in Blade & Soul, struck by the presence of non-standard characters, whether demons, munaki, humanoids and others.

In B&S, the system is implemented Wo-Rae – the use of fireflies, increasing the skills of the hero, including protection, health and attacking capabilities. They fly out of monsters, are given as a reward for the passed quest or purchased in the store. Having collected a set of Vo-Rae character gets a special power and radiance. In general, the player will constantly strive to improve their performance, equipment, pumping and skills.

Visualization and sound
Many reviews of the game Blade & Soul highlight very good graphics. It could be ideal if the developer excluded linear locations and regular downloads. Mostly optimization at height. The animation is done at the level, the player’s actions are drawn very well. Sometimes there is a desire for certain movements to become smooth in principle. The sound is of sufficient quality, but does not replete with a lot of effects.
Advantages and disadvantages
Once the registration in Blade & Soul is complete, the player will expect beautiful graphics, clear and understandable character physics. The choice of combat systems is quite acceptable. Tasks more than enough, there are group bonuses for passing the tasks. Of the negative points can be distinguished only monotonous sound, complaints about the work of Korean servers and constant reload locations.
Conclusions .
Blade & Soul is considered a very beautiful and dynamic game with intuitive controls. Those with disadvantages are negligible, compared to the ability to choose the characters, their skills, locations and many other features.