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History of online games and first MMORPG
News 17-07-2020

History of online games. The first MMORPG

Online games are a popular way to spend your free time. Their popularity has increased dramatically with the advent of high-speed Internet and modern graphics technologies that allow them to achieve mind-boggling beauty (although very rarely used, due to outdated and limited resources of most users). The first network shooter The first network shooter was […]

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How to describe online game ?
News 07-07-2017

Classification of online games. How to properly describe a game

To pass the necessary information about the game to the interlocutor in a nutshell, a classification of games was invented. And to be more precise, the classification appeared by itself, as games, trendsetters. That’s why it is not sufficiently systematized, and one game can have the qualities of several classes. The first thing to do […]

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