Big Site Update

We’ve been busy updating the site with all kinds of new stuff. You can find a whole section on Western Saga, the meta game mode as well as shots of the greatly updated talent and item UIs. One of our team members will also be at Steam Dev Days this week.


Wild West War in Feud

We’re happy to announce that the Western Saga mode is deep into development and doing well. So well, that we’ve chosen to put together a trailer for it and share it with everyone. In Saga mode you can take a side and fight a battle against other faction, do research for upgrades, and experience a…


Ghostly Quiet

  Things have been pretty quiet around these parts for some time. As Halloween grows near we wanted to give everyone a little taste of what’s been going on in the Feud universe. We’ve been hard at work on Western Saga mode which lets you build your own Wild West Empire. As you can imagine,…


Feud Trailer 2 Released

The entire Feud team would like to wish everyone a happy 4th of July. In celebration of the holiday, we’ve released the second Feud trailer. It explores a bit of the historical sides of the Feud and it seemed like a good match for this historical time of year. You can check it out here:Feud…