The Team

The Team

The Feud team is made up of a number of key internal and external members. One of the greatest things about developing Feud has been the interaction of the team and seeing everyone bring their talents together to create the game.

The Team

Matt Saia

Creative Director

Matt is the Creative Director at GPC games. Matt’s lifelong love of tactical tabletop gaming made Feud an easy choice as the company’s first original, self-published game. He’s been making games for over 18 years and enjoys every aspect of development. You can find a wealth of info on Matt at along with a host of painted miniatures and maybe even a little behind the scenes info on Feud and what’s next.

The Team

Ken Early

Lead Programmer

Ken is the Lead Programmer on Feud. Ken’s all around coding skills have helped bring Feud to life. Not merely a coder, Ken’s own strategic mind was responsible for influencing many interesting features that make Feud what it is. As a dedicated gamer Ken is always ready to go the distance to make Feud better and cooler.

The Team

Jamie Ottilie


Jamie is the CEO of GPC Games. In many companies the CEOs rarely play games and are only concerned with the business side of things. Jamie is and has always been an active gamer. He regularly plays Feud adding ideas and inspiration as often as he can. He’s also responsible for the keeping the lights on, which is a pretty important job.

The Team

David Parker

David is an Animator. He’s been bringing impact to the deaths, flourishes to the characters and breathing life into the inhabitants of Feud. He has a gunslinger’s eye for motion.

The Team

Jon Hilliard

Technical Director

Jon is the Technical Director of GPC Games. On Feud Jon has helped out with some of the visual effects. He likes to blow stuff up, so you can see his handiwork in things like the dynamite explosions. As a side note he’s been hoping somewhere, somehow, we can add Cthulhu to the game.

The Team

Matt Hockman


Matt is a programmer at GPC Games. Matt setup the tool that helps us get content into Feud at a superhuman rate. He’s also responsible for the technical aspects most the UI and menus.

The Team

Denise Tomlin


Denise is an artist. Denise helped with a lot of the environment work in Feud. However, the true gift she gave the project was the dozens upon dozens of awesome ability icons!

The Team

Joel Stapley


Joel is an animator. He has a gift for making the most mundane motion into something special.

The Team

The H-Team


The H-Team is a shadowy organization that is responsible for the characters and weapons in Feud. They are team of ultra-gifted modelers and texture artists. If you have an art problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire The H-Team.

The Team

Kael O’Malley


Kael is a Designer at GPC Games. His production support and hard work on our other projects allowed for key members of the Feud team to stay focused and bring you the game you see before you.

The Team

Robert Casady


Robert is responsible for the music in Feud. With an array of musical skills and a style that leans towards orchestral greats like John Williams, Robert can create a mode and set the tone like a great master. You can find out more about Robert at

The Team


UI Artist

Brian is a UI artist. Brian put together the look of all the UI in Feud. Despite his attempts to keep a secret identity we were determined to reveal the force behind our UI.

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