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Swamps and Other Interesting Places

One of the interesting aspects of Feud is the locations. Since most the game is based in the Appalachian area there is a lot more freedom to go to places that might not show up in traditional games based on […]


The Doctor is In

Doc Travis is one of our more interesting characters. You might assume he’s a healer and you’d be right. However, Doc has a darker side and you can pick talents and configure him as a melee killer who uses his […]


Remembering Bill Paxton

It is with great sadness that we heard of the passing of Bill Paxton on Sunday. Over his career, he had dozens of memorable roles and was an acting legend. The Western genre was no stranger to Bill, he had […]


Slaughter at Garnerstone Rock

As we’re playing and testing the game we frequently have epic battles. This is the remains of such a fight. The Hatfields set an ambush up at the choke point between the rocks which involved bear traps and a smoke […]


Deadly Assassin on the Loose!

Meet Kaitlyn Winspear, one of Feud’s hero characters. She’s a wealthy assassin, who takes on unusual jobs. Kaitlyn uses a variety of poisons and special ammunition to dispatch her foes.


Getting the Drop on the New Year!

Happy New Year from the Feud team! We’re looking forward to launching this year and letting everyone take up their six guns and get into the Feud universe.  


The Magnificent 5

Five determined, would-be heroes against an army of traitorous ranch hands. Devil Anse, Randall, Preacher Thomas, Rita and Kaitlyn head into a dangerous conflict with an uncertain outcome.


Ready, Set…Action!

We’re pleased to announce that in game cinematics are being added to every mission in all three story campaigns. We wanted to really get into the characters and make them even more exciting and well developed and cinematics were just […]


It’s High Noon!

It’s Blizzcon week and we couldn’t help but do our own small tribute to that other famous cowboy. Here’s Doc unloading with a gun fan!


Behind the Scenes – UI Development

Time to take everyone behind the scenes a little bit. We recently overhauled the Character UI including Talents, Items, Bio and Abilities. When we started we had a basic idea for the UI to get it up and running quickly. […]