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Feud Blasts its way into the News

We were excited to let people play Feud: Wild West Tactics at E3. Our first coverage comes from Technology Tell. We’re looking forward to seeing the news spread in the days and weeks to come. You can check it out here: Feud […]


Fun and Firearms with Feud at E3

After months of hard work it was finally time to share Feud: Wild West Tactics with the rest of the world. We had the pleasure of attending the OGA/MIX event on June 17th. For the first time people were able […]


Feud: Wild West Tactics announced at E3

It’s been a long road. Our trigger fingers are getting itchy. There have been a few showdowns in the office to determine when to reveal Feud. The date is June 17, 2015 at MIX at E3. We’ll have the game […]